Our Team


Mallory is the founder and director of Serenity Retreats. She is a homeschooling mama of four lively kiddos. She loves adventuring in God’s incredible creation, quality time with family and friends and creating fun memories. After overcoming trauma in her own life and walking with other women as they endure hardships and life challenges the Lord began to show Mallory His purpose for her pain. He gave her a deep passion for the hearts of women and a desire to see them healed from the pains they endured and walking in the freedom of a healed life.

Mallory has many years of education and experience in the human services field. Prior to Serenity Retreats and homeschooling her children, Mallory worked at Georgia Baptist Children’s Home where she walked alongside children and teenagers suffering from multiple traumatic experiences that drastically altered their lives. Even prior to her own challenges, Mallory was able to connect with these young people in their journey and lead them toward their own healing.

Mallory now uses the lessons she has learned on her own journey to healing and works to equip others with the tools to live a life of serenity. Mallory believes “we don’t get to choose whether or not bad things happen to us. But we have the choice and strength within ourselves, with the Lord’s help, to heal and walk in the freedom of a changed life. A life not in bondage to our circumstances.” The gift of healing creates a path to freedom so our lives and our families can prosper. It is with this mission over her own life that Mallory worked diligently to start Serenity Retreats. Serenity Retreats exists so that women have a place of comfort and peace to seek and find their own healing in their lives.


It is my honor to serve God through Serenity Retreats! This is a great opportunity for women to find freedom in a safe, loving, environment, while gaining knowledge, and practical tools to live their best life!

I have been in private practice as a Professional Counselor for the past 10 years, receiving my Master’s in Counseling from Regent University. My husband and I have started ten Wellness Centers across the US, and are on the road to start several more! I have a huge heart to see people set free from bondage spiritually, emotionally, and physically! My expertise is in Women’s Ministry, trauma counseling, depression, anxiety, and providing a holistic approach from a Biblical Perspective!

I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and helping you reach your goals in increasing your personal health and wellness!


Alissa Aichele has served on pastoral staff for 10 years and has attained her masters in theology. As a certified health coach, she enjoys leading people into health in both body and soul. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for eighteen years, and together they raise their 4 boys and little girl in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She loves to experience God in nature and fellowship with woman at a heart to heart level.


Ana Bucciero is a licensed minister and trained counselor who is passionate about seeing women uncover their hidden strengths and become overcomers through Jesus. She uses insight from the Holy Spirit along with personal growth strategies to walk women through their journey of deep healing and restoration. Ana has more than a decade of experience in pastoral ministry and leadership development. She and her husband serve on the pastoral team of a local church and run a ministry school together.


Maggie Little is a Hospitality Host, Group Facilitator, and Health and Wellness Facilitator at Serenity Retreats. She loves being a homeschooling mother of three adventurous children and the wife of her best friend. She enjoys hiking, running, art, reading, writing, cooking, playing games with her family and so many aspects of God’s astounding creation. Maggie has always been drawn to those who are suffering, longing to ease their pain through the truths of God’s promises in Scripture. She loves sharing the beautiful truths of God’s word and applying the gospel to real-life situations as well as encouraging others in their walk with Christ Jesus. Maggie’s compassion for the suffering of others and her desire to help others in their pain has grown out of the difficulties she has experienced in her own life, from childhood through her teen years, and later in adulthood, due to significant health problems with her son.

Maggie has completed graduate-level counseling courses a Fuller Seminary. She has also had the privilege of working as a Juvenile Child Care Counselor at a juvenile group home in Sacramento, CA with teenagers who had histories of drug and alcohol addictions, gang violence, abusive relationships, and breaking the law. She was able to form relationships with these teenagers who were extremely resistant, hardened, and seemingly unable to receive love. Through counseling with them, Maggie thankfully saw significant improvement. Maggie also has experience counseling with women in unwanted pregnancies, encouraging them with God’s word as well as with resources to help them thrive as mothers. Currently, she enjoys visiting residents in a local nursing home with her children, encouraging them with hymns and Bible stories, and comforting them as they grow older.

Maggie has found that walking through dark times by herself and with others is extremely painful and difficult, but the fellowship she has enjoyed with the Lord and others during through those times is immensely sweet. Through her own struggles and the struggles of others, who she has formed relationships with and counseled, she has always seen God’s faithfulness to provide and present himself as worthy of all our worship. Maggie holds firm to the truth that as believers in Christ Jesus, we are not promised an easy life, but we are promised a new heart and a joy that surpasses understanding. One of her favorite stanzas is from the poem, “Light Shining Out of Darkness,” by William Cowper:

“Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.”

Maggie believes these four lines sum up the motivation for enduring hardships and pursuing peace with God. She trusts that, through hardships, God is working for us and not against us, for our eternal good and His glory. She is excited to form relationships with other women and share these truths with them at Serenity Retreats.


Noel Pauley was born and raised in Georgia. She has been married to her husband, Shane, for six years and has two daughters, Hannah Kate and Abigail. She currently resides in Georgia with her family and works as a therapist part time and non-profit director full time.

Noel is passionate about seeing individuals live out their calling and lives that God designed for them. Noel believes, “if you never heal from what hurt you, you will bleed on those who did not cut you! Healing from one’s hurts is imperative to living healthy, happy lives with rich, fulfilling relationships.”

Noel is a licensed associate professional counselor in the state of Georgia and focuses her work around trauma therapy. Coming from a primarily cognitive behavioral mindset, Noel believes taking thoughts captive and controlling one’s mind helps to change one’s own behavior. Noel is happy to be on the Serenity Team and help individuals find the freedom from the things that have kept them captive.


Tami is a wife and mother to three beautiful children and has a one adorably delicious granddaughter. Half of her life was spent in Montana and the other half in North Dakota. However she could not be happier about her recent move to Florida as it has always been her belief that “??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????!”

Tami began her healing journey nearly 20 years ago. Her personal experience with trauma and addiction is what fuels her passion for creating safe communities where women can be ????? and ????? for ??? they are ????? they are. She deeply understands the power and value in knowing that we aren’t alone in our pain.

One of her biggest passions is mentoring and resourcing women who are recovering from addiction and trauma from abuse and sex trafficking.

Tami graduated with ???? ?????? from the school of “hard knocks” and later went on to get a degree in Theology as well as Christian Counseling and Cosmetology.

Tami’s favorite place to be is the beach.
Her favorite cuisine is anything tasty that can be eaten at ??? ?????.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends at ??? ?????.

Tami is thrilled to have this opportunity and cannot wait to meet y’all at ??? ?????!

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