About Serenity Retreats

Serenity retreats is a one-of-a-kind experience. Our faith inspired retreats are nestled on the beautiful beaches of 30A in the panhandle of Florida. Small group settings of 6-8 women create a tranquil experience away from the chaos of life. Our in-house chef, enrichment activities, beach time, spa opportunities, and restorative stretching are just some of the features guests can expect when they arrive. Our passionate group facilitators lead sessions each morning and afternoon, providing 15 hours of intensive, group time over the course of the 4-day retreat. This time, coupled with a strong Biblical curriculum and a safe atmosphere guides guests toward finding the best version of themselves, the healed version.


I've been looking for a Women's Retreat for quite awhile now. In my search, I found Serenity Retreats. I browsed their website and read their Women's Retreat Program and I just instantly knew that this is the one I needed.

We were treated like Queens the moment we got to the Retreat House. I was not familiar with this kind of treatment, It feels so nice!!! Alex and Maggie our Hospitality Host treated us with nothing but kindness. As a mother, I am used to doing everything for everyone. During the weekend retreat, All I did was nothing but took care of myself.

During our first night, I met 6 women whom all strangers to me. On our 2nd day, these women turned into Mothers, Sisters, Wives. All of us have our own reasons as to why we're there. We're all seeking for answers, peace, kindness, closure, hope, and love.

Our Fitness Coach, Alyssa took us Paddle Boarding and taught us some breathing techniques which I still use to to this day! We did gentle Yoga by the beach and enjoyed the morning sunrise!

Our Group Facilitator Anna, brought out the worst and best in all of us. I was carrying this big bag of luggage full of pain and she helped me unpack every fear, every hurt, every betrayal and replace it with forgiveness, hope, kindness and love.

The group counseling helped us to live vicariously through one another, to listen to each other and it gave us comfort knowing that we are not alone. Hearing each other stories gave us hope, It made us stronger, It gave us strength and at the end of it, we all rooted for one another!

I am truly grateful for Mallory, The Retreat Director for hosting and creating this retreat. A lot of women are struggling silently and feels alone. This retreat will help you in so many ways. Helping you to balance your Mind, Body and Soul.

We ate, we cry, we sang, we prayed. we rested!

Kiki gave us this wonderful massage and the our food was just phenomenal!

If you are struggling, confused, lonely, or whatever it is. Give your self a much needed break and attend the upcoming retreat. You will unlock so much potential in you. This is one of the best thing to give yourself.

I came home fully recharged, I became more loving, stronger, at peace. I came home with a bag of tools and met 7 lovely ladies whom I will never forget!


Serenity Currently Offers Group Intensive Retreats

Group Counseling - Luxury Intensive Retreats - Destin FL

Women have four days to get away from the pressures of life and fully commit to the emotional, mental, and Spiritual healing that they desire. We know there is power in the group setting. There is a special healing that takes place when women who have gone through or are going through the same type of crisis (whether it be betrayal, loss, or otherwise) get together. Together they can share stories and feel understood. This understanding provides normalcy and empathy with one another, something they may not be experiencing in their daily lives. This is why many of our retreats are “topical” in nature.

Guests should expect to spend a total of 15 hours in group time, led by one of our trained group facilitators. There are 2 1/2 hour sessions each morning and afternoon. The group works through a curriculum using a Biblical approach to processing their hurt, while also instilling life-giving tools to move forward in healing and hope of a future.

Serenity Retreats