God Grant Me The Serenity

All-Inclusive Intensive Retreats for Women
Located on the Beautiful Beaches of 30A

All-Inclusive Intensive Retreats for Women

Located on the Beautiful
Beaches of 30A

Welcome to Serenity Retreats

We are so happy you have found us. Serenity is on a mission to help women reach the healing they are searching for, to assure them IT is possible, and provide encouragement that the opportunity for a bright future IS ahead. We care deeply about the pain, and the stories surrounding the pain, of each person who walks through the doors of our retreat. We have personal experience with grief that comes from loss, sickness, the past, betrayal, and more. This experience has created a team that is passionate about creating an experience where transformation, purpose, and change can begin. We believe women carry an amazing responsibility of influence and impact in our communities, families, friendships, and workplaces. And we believe that the best gift you can give to yourself is healing.

Serenity Retreats focuses on giving each guest the opportunity to get away from the chaos of life, renew and strengthen their MIND, BODY, and SOUL for a complete and overall approach to long-lasting healing.

We take the best of various types of retreats and merge them together making Serenity Retreats a One-of-a-Kind experience. In fact, there are no other women’s retreats quite like Serenity. We think you will agree.


Intensive Counseling - Pillar 1 - Serenity Retreats


With 15 hours of small group intensive sessions, guests can process through significantly more issues than the traditional counseling methods of 1 hour a week. Guests will receive 15 weeks of group work in only a couple of days. In addition, the group setting has proven to be a wonderful tool for healing, as women are able to connect and find empathy with others working through healing as well.

Each of our group facilitators have been trained and certified to lead group sessions through the reputable Light University’s Christian Leadership Counseling Program.
Curriculum - Pillar 2 - Serenity Retreats


Serenity Retreats believes that healing is an ongoing process that includes multiple facets, but that the most complete healing comes when we incorporate faith and allow the healing power of the LORD to do its work. There is a direct correlation between progress and faith. We have seen this, experienced it firsthand, and believe it with all our hearts. Therefore, Serenity uses Scripture and prayer as key elements as we work through the curriculum to healing during group sessions.
Wellness - Pillar 3 - Serenity Retreats


The body, mind, and soul are all intricately woven together. Therefore, in effort to achieve the best versions of ourselves we must carefully tend to each. During the Retreat, guests can expect nothing less than the best when it comes to food, accommodations, and enrichment activities. Our in-house Chef creates beautiful, healthy meals each day. Guests will also have opportunity to participate in therapeutic wellness activities, such as paddle boarding, bicycling, massage, restorative prayerful stretching, and much more.
All-Inclusive - Pillar 4 - Serenity Retreats


Serenity Retreats wants to pamper each guest with the most luxurious accommodations. When booking a healing retreat at Serenity you can expect to receive, included in the cost, a beautifully furnished bedroom in a pristine beach home, all meals and snacks prepared by our talented chef, and access to beach chairs, bikes, and paddleboards. In addition, each guest will be scheduled to receive an individual massage and partake in enrichment activities such as beach bonfires, sunrise breakfast, and more. Guests will also leave with gifts as tokens of the healing experience. Our hearts’ desire is for our guests to experience love, comfort, and serenity from the moment they enter until the moment they depart.

Group Intensive Retreats

Are you ready to get away from the stresses of life and focus your time on inner healing, wellness, and Spiritual growth in an all-inclusive beautiful beach setting with a small group of women who are also working on healing? If so, Serenity’s All-Inclusive Women’s Retreat is perfect for you!

Individual Intensive

Are you seeking an escape from the stress of life and looking for a more tailored intensive experience with 15 hours of individual 1-on-1 counseling with a licensed therapist to work through more intricate and complicated issues? If so, Serenity’s Individual Retreat may be right for you.

Serenity Retreats